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Romania is gorgeous. It's very colorful. The people are very warm and inviting. The people work hard at bringing positive momentum to their country. The capitol city is Bucharest. The main religion is Christan.

I just had to visit Transylvania. Known as Dracula's birth place, this city is actually just the majority of northern and central Romania. It has many castles and towns, as well as the Transylvania Alps.


On of the most beautiful cities in Romania is Sighisoara. It was founded by German Merchants and craftsmen. It's a perfect example of a medieval town. However, it's very small.


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Switzerland is a beautiful place. As you probably know, the Swiss are famous for their pocket knives, as well as their chocolate. However, the biggest attraction is the landscape. There is a lot to do from skiing, to hang-gliding.

Glacier Express should at least be looking into. Its one of the best train rides in the entire world! It goes from St. Moritz to Zermatt. There are stops at Davos, Chur, Brig, and Visp. It's a 7.5 hour ride. This is best done during the winter.


There is a lot of Hiking and trekking. It's very popular in Switzerland. Its good to get the best sceneries of mountains. Plus it's great exercise.


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The capitol of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is pretty notorious for its liberal approach on drugs and prostitution. It also holds famous museums and historic architecture.The language they speak is mostly dutch. It was odd to find that the majority of the population was not religious. The entire country is pretty flat.

If you're deciding to stop in Friesland or Groningen then you better go waddling. Waddling is where you walk on the bottom of the sea!! At low tide of course. It's mostly done north of the Holland. This can also be done in Germany or Denmark.


Stop by Zeeland to see the Delta Works. This is a floodgate that prevents floods during large storms. It was built in early February 1953 after a severe storm flooded costal areas, killing around 1,800 people.


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Greece is one of the oldest world civilizations. Greece has a really rich history. There is many attractions here. The capitol is Athens and they have a population of about 10,000,000. The main ethnicity and language is Greek.

Make sure to stop at the Party Islands. The most famous party island is los. los is an all night party centre, year round. The island is full of amazing beaches. Other popular islands are Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, Corfu, and Zakynthos.


After you party hard, if you're not to sick the next day, check out parthenon. It's the ruins of a temple to Athena in Athens. It has ancient Greek architecture and art work throughout it. It's one of the most popular tourist sights in Greece.


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Next stop was portugal, I landed at Faro Airport and made my way to Algarve. Portugal is in between the Atlantic Ocean and spain. It is part of the European Union. The capital is Lisbon and their religion is Roman Catholic.

You might wanna check out the Chapel of Bones in Evora. It's good to learn about the most haunting and good uses of human bones in all recorded history. The pillars and chancel walls are cemented with human skulls and other bones. It's said to contain over five thousand human skeletons from plague victims.


If you're catholic you should stop at the Alcobaca Monastery. Its found in the Leiria district. It was built in 1252. It has many tombs of several kings and queens. It's the biggest church in Portugal. The surrounding town is very beautiful and has wonderful scenery.


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