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storm 27 °C

I landed at Hildesheim Airport in Germany. I stayed in Hanover which is in Northern Germany. I learned a little bit of German before arriving because, duh, thats what they speak in Germany. Germany is in Western Europe by Poland and France. The main religion is Catholic.

I stopped at Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Just outside the camp by the east guard tower they had bears kept like a zoo. Buchenwald was the first, and largest, Nazi Concentration Camp. Now it is used as a Memorial. It was built by Weimar, Germany. It was built in 1937. The camp imprisoned Jews, Poles, Slovenes, Roma, Sinti, Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, criminals, homosexuals, and p.o.w's.


Next I visited the Coburg Marketplace. That's a marketplace in the urban center of Coburg. It was created in the 15th century. It has 250 stores as well as a City Hall, and Town Hall. In the Center there is a Prince Albert Memorial. The Memorial is facing City Hall and is wearing robes of a Knight of the Garter.


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sunny 18 °C

So I decided to drop in on Central/Southern Sweden. I came in at Dala Airport. I stayed at Buskakers Gastgivargard, in Storatuna. Great beds. The temperature was in the high 50's. It was a little cold. Sweden is in Northern Europe in between Norway and Finland. I took a lot of interest in Norse Paganism, which is the main religion in Sweden.

One place you might want to visit is the Torsang Church Dalarna Sweden. I was told that it was the oldest church in Dalarna. It looks like a building from the 13th Century, it has a crucifix from the 15th century. Their bells are several hundred years old and the belfry is from the 16th century.


It was really cool to see The Tjolöholm Castle is a country house in Halland Sweden. It started being built in 1898 and was finished in 1904. It showed up in the movie Melancholia (2011 film). It was built to hold its own little society. The Castle held an ideal society, with the addition of a small village where estate workers lived. It had its own library, school, and meeting place. Now some of the rooms have been restored and are available for rent.


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